Top Model Of Colour 2010 -2011.

Nana Afua Antwi is an aspiring model with big aims of becoming the Next Top African Model. She is the current winner for Topmodel of Colour 2010/11, an Ashanti girl from Kumasi Ghana currently based in London studying Art & Design specializing in Fashion.
Nana Afua was born in Kumasi Krofrom and raised in Kwadaso Estate living with her Mother and Grandmother originated from kwahu Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region of Ghana. She started her Primary School at Mizpah Prepatory School at Ayigya the Cabin finished off her Junior Secondary Education at Cambridge International School and completed her senior qualification education at St Louis Secondary School. Nana discovered her potentials in modeling at the age of 14years when she first saw the picture of Tyra Banks infont of her mate’s locker in high school at that moment she feels she have similar looks with the Supermodel and wanted to be like her. She knew it will take a lot of hard work as friends used to say ‘’ Forget it because you can’t make it anywhere’.
Even though she used to be teased by mates and family of her looks and height she was still eager to take modeling seriously the only problem was modeling industry was not yet taken by storm in Ghana so it wasn’t highly valued as a career which most parents will consider for their children. In 2003, Model of the Universe Ghana was launched in Ghana supported by the Minister of tourism, Nana knew it was a chance to make her modeling dream come true but it was cut short as she couldn’t make it through to the top 20 finalist. In 2004 she competed again for the second time and successfully got through to the 20 finalist for the Northern Sector only to be flown to London a few weeks after with a family member to pursue a different life not based on her decisions.
Living in London and not knowing much about how the system operates could be very challenging especially in the modeling industry. Nana lost hope for modeling as she was turned down numerous times by the mainstream modeling agencies saying ‘’ she’s not right for her looks’’. For the past years she learned how tough and the history behind black models not used a lot in the mainstream simply because it is believed ‘’black models don’t sell and not professional’’. In May 2009 Nana met a Model Catwalk coach Latifah Jolie who was very interested in her looks at a fashion event in London who later featured her in London fashion week and this was a beginning of a dream come true.

Nana’s modeling career kicked off strongly when she got signed to Mahogany model Management, one of the leading model agency for models of colour in London, Nana was trained by Sola Oyeabade and firstly featured on a la mode fashion show (London fashion week) organized by La geneve North Events . She is also an award winner for September 2009 modeling category competition by M&M Stars Magazine popularly based in Nigeria. In November 2009 she was higly inspired on a documentary news shown on London BBC of women who were slain and lost their lives mining in a rural part of Ghana.Most of these women were single Mothers living behind children. The news motivated her so much she wanted to be a voice for all black women out there going through harsh lives which encouraged her to compete for Top Model of Colour UK which is one of the highest prestigious modeling competition in the UK for models of Colour.

Top Model of Colour UK has been a great success for the past five years with the aim of injecting black models in the mainstream. Nana Afua was crowned the Winner for 2010/11 beating 3,500 hopeful applicants to make it to the top. Winning the competition is a big success and a dream come true and now working on her project campaign ‘’fighting for Single Mothers/Women living harsh lives in the rural parts of Ghana and Africa’’ Nana has also had the chance to work with Various known designers with the likes of Anya Wilkinson to Nkwo, she was featured and graced in ‘’ The Voice’’ 6 times continuous spread and been featured twice in the POST newspaper in London. She was featured in most blogs and fashion and entertainment website all across Ghana and London, also featured in Ninetynine Magazine, Black hair and New African woman Magazine. She is currently the front feature cover for Tiya Hair and Fashion Magazine. She is also inspired to be an actress and currently studying Media Arts with London Royal Opera house Academy.
Nana Afua is currently working on her clothing line collection ‘adopted Culture’’ which is has already started making progress of success with her first client Sinem Bilem- Onabanjo , editor for FAB Magazine in London.,

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