The World Wide Web has made remarkable changes in people’s lives. Communications made easy, research very accessible, and now dating from home, in front of your computer, is even possible! Online dating is now the biggest phenomenon in creating and building romantic relationships – you sign up on an internet dating website, update your profile, state what you are looking for in a companion, click submit and boom!
There are a lot ways you can go about online dating: through online dating websites, through personals websites like Friendster, My space, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc., or through Internet chat.
So, Is it possible to find a TRUE Love on line?


  1. Anonymous06:40

    Hey Sporah, Online dating, is all about looking for companionship and sex - that's is all you are talking about here. Definitely NOT love.

  2. Anonymous06:52

    I think those things happens in life without internet, too. Boy says he loves girl, but after sex "love" has gone. To blame internet is not very correct. Ok, there are plenty of people in internet who are there only to use other people in a way or an other, but still...

    I met my lao po online, partly accidentally. After spending time with her in real life for the first time, fell desperately in love with her. So, at least for me it was possible to find true love in internet.

  3. Anonymous06:55

    Of course you can; impossible is nothing.

  4. Anonymous07:08

    Sophie, i love you, great point. A TRUE WOMAN.

  5. Anonymous07:22

    ONLY O.5%

  6. Anonymous07:28

    How can you love someone over the internet? Why would you even want to? In reality, one can get to know another's mannerisms, they can do things together, they can actually see what they look like (webcams and sending pictures and videos are just... not fully accurate). Or am I just being cynical? Please inform me with logic if I'm wrong here.

  7. Anonymous08:00

    hi guys, Remember how dating used to be? It involved people who primarily lived in the same city, or, at the very least; in the same state. You pretty much had to know the person first in order to woo them. Today, however, the stakes have changed. With a computer, an internet connection, a snazzy photo of yourself, and the best profile you can possibly create - you can find true love anywhere. Internet dating is the new craze in love; almost all singles have tried it at least once, and for others - well, let's just say they have so many profiles up, they just might end up dating themselves!
    So, what's the attraction? Why are people paying good money to sign up with internet dating services and spending oodles of their time trying to find love online? It's a lot less intimidating for one. Think about it; you don't have to worry about finding that perfect comeback in a nanosecond, and you don't have to fuss with your hair endlessly (unless, of course, you're utilizing a digital camera in the process - and please, if you are, keep the details to yourself.)

  8. Anonymous08:54

    The internet has become very popular and useful these days and technology has improved so much that its easy to meet people online. Just about everyone uses a computer or goes online, I believe the internet is a good way of getting to know someone by their personality first which is most important. Its a great way to connect to people around the world, without it we wouldn't even have Y!A.. and be able to hear others opinions:) anyway, I do know some people that are happily married with children that started their relationship online.

  9. Anonymous09:17

    I do think that people who find love online are 'dumb and must be ugly'

  10. Anonymous09:29

    Of course it is possiable! If we can find love at the grocery store, or the park, or school, why can't we find it on the internet?

  11. Anonymous09:57

    Sporah show mko juu.

  12. Anonymous10:23

    My answer would be that it is very difficult because you don't know who you are chatting with.

    But well, it is definitely possible.

  13. MYCO - MOROCCO10:32

    It is possible but be careful ok,unfortunately there are some people who are dishonest and worse are "fishing" for women and pathetically using the same line on many.

    I hope it works out for you SPORAH:)

  14. Anonymous10:58

    Yes it is possible Sporah. i found the love of my life on the internet. we've been together for 4 years now and i am moving to australia to be with him.

  15. Anonymous15:54

    This is not our culture guys, THINK ABOUT IT.
    I can never respect a woman who posted herself on the Internet, NEVER.

  16. Anonymous04:53

    Can we find love online? ABSOLUTELY!!!! I was divorced and severely out of the dating game; had dedicated myself to the kids and was devastated when they grew up and left me me.....the After my daughter's second year of college, I realized that although my children loved me dearly, they had lives of their own and snuggling with mommy just didn't cut it. (Well my daughter will still snuggle sometimes when she visits). Anyway I decided it was time to start dating again.....what I didn't realize was that it is not simple. I had to understand that if a man was looking at me, it just might be because I'm cute and not that there is a stain on my blouse (you know the mommy mentality). Anyway, going to clubs and bars every weekend was not my cup of tea so I began to check out online dating. Wow, it was better than the club. You can flirt online, even love and leave'em if you want to, make friends online and actually meet someone special. It is better than the club because you don't have to buy a new outfit, worry about some guy trailing you around all night because he bought you a drink and you can do it from bed (alone).

    Back to the finding love online. I found mine and married him in January 2010. Divas, you should try it, then try it again.

  17. Anonymous05:03

    I mean a dating site? Come on, seriously??

  18. Anonymous11:58

    You can find good people anywhere and you can find bad people anywhere too, SO! wake up Africans.

  19. Anonymous01:25


  20. Anonymous05:36

    Its not that i have bad misconception about online dating, but i really think is for losers.

  21. Anonymous06:04

    You never know where you will find your love. And internet is one more way and why not to try thee. Today everybody use internet and it is much easier. It is comfortable and clearer to understand person reading some information about him before starting communication. A lot of sites have a wide range of categories, like people interest, religion, nationality etc. This makes it much easier way to find a person you want to know. I want to recommend one site where I have found my love

  22. Anonymous00:59

    I tried plentyoffish only found losers on it. Maybe its just my area where its really reliious and not many people go on dating sites. Are there any good free dating sites?