Hey Sporah I'm a big fan of your show and love your work,  you give a lot of great advice.
I need help, I am 25 years Old, I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and it's becoming a very serious relationship. 

Recently we had some argument, then me and my boyfriend put single on our status on FB and his sister LIKED IT, then he changed it to no longer listed as single then his sister posted "BOOOO" then he changed it in a relationship and she posted "I DON'T LIKE THIS"I have never done anything to her for her to not like me. I even gave her a Birthday present on her Birthday! I've always been really nice to her and i've always felt that she disliked me but it really hurt me because im a very nice kind likeable person and i'm 25 and shes like 38 which i think is kinda low becuase were not even close to the same age. and its not like i took my bf from her because shes married and lives with her husband!

What should i do? i don't wanna comment back because i don't it to turn into a big thing.
Sporah this is driving me crazy, I can't go over to my boyfriend's house and have any peace, as long as she is there. How can I make her like me?
Thank you Sporah, 
I Love you XX

Hi Fan,
Thank you for your email.

To me, she sounds very protective, I wouldn't speak to her about the situation as it could make it worse. I'm sure she'll grow to like you over time or get your boyfriend to handle it.
Good Luck.

Thank all you fans for your continued support.
I Love You All XXX

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  1. Anonymous17:22

    Please, Please, Please! Keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you. We need more of this Sporah

  2. Anonymous17:43

    Mzarau tu.

  3. Anonymous19:21

    There will always be women who will be prettier, smarter, better, funnier... than you (not me! :laugh). You have to learn to love yourself to the point where you're secure about your qualities and accept your - as well as other people's faults - as a part of everyone's personality. You need to take yourself more lightly; try to explore your mind and upgrade your strengths without competing with others.

    It takes time to digest yourself. All of us have gone through stages of self-rejection in different ways. It comes around age 25 when you learn to be your own friend without being too judgmental.

  4. Anonymous03:22

    Hongera kwakua nominated Sporah I think you deserve it.

  5. Anonymous07:00

    Just a warning, don't expect her to change, i was there before
    I think sometimes they want to stay in control and be the boss of the whole family... the one everyone looks up too..... for myself I gave up trying to please her, JUST BE YOURSELF.

  6. Anonymous05:09

    Huyo wifi mzungu au mswazi???
    kama mzungu labda anamtaka kaka ake maana siunawajua tena wazungu, kama mswazi basi ni wivu tu hakuna kingine.
    Achana nae, au amieni sehemu ya mbali ili usionane nae marakwamara na huyu wifi.