In the city of London here comes a young vibrant lady full of life and enthusiasm always ready to go above her abilities to deliver the best. An inspirational role model for young black girls in the community Sporah is at the heart of her career as a TV presenter/producer A hardworking lady who believes in education more than anything else. Talking to Sporah is a passion as she has a lot to say about herself, her career and definitely to the young women out there...

SPARKLES: Hi Sporah I will say you such a great inspiration for young girls, tell us what motivated you to that level?
Sporah: Coming to Europe from 3rd World countries, with my African back ground and seeing young women at young age with no parental guidance and allowing the societal norms to influence them against their cultures and values. Made me realise that so many young women from Black Ethnic minority grew up with low self esteems.
This and other things made me think of doing something that can bring change and i thought this change can only be achieved through media.

SPARKLES: Do you have a role model and who is it?
 Sporah: Yes i do.  My Mum (Mama Njau).

SPARKLES: What about your passion for TV how did it start?
Sporah: After watching different TV talk shows, I realised how powerful TV is, and how it can influence or change people’s life especially the young generation. So I thought yeah... something is missing in my society and somebody has to do it..
So, I came with an Idea of a Talk Show. Thank God we are pioneer of African Talk Show in Europe

SPARKLES: You are so natural and flamboyant where did you learn that?
Sporah: I took time to read and understand myself what’s the best for me more than following fashion trends, and I came out with the best results which makes me what I am today.

SPARKLES: And your name SPORAH did you make it up or is it your actual name?
Sporah: Ah ah ah ah of course Sporah is my name. In English is Zipporah and in my language which is Swahili is Sipora.

SPARKLES: What does it mean and where is it from?
Sporah: Sporah is a Christian name coming from the Bible from Old Testament on Exodus 2: 21: “Moses agreed to stay with the man, and he gave Moses his daughter Zipporah in marriage”.
More story about Sporah on Exodus 4: 25: for those who are intresting to know more about my name Sporah, Sipora, (Zipporah) ...

SPARKLES: (Because some people actually think that you tried to make your name sound like OPRAH)
 Sporah: No way...Anyone who has been close to me from Africa like a good friend knows that SPORAH is my REAL PASSPORT NAME, and it has been since young age.

SPARKLES: Would you say that she is one of your role models or inspiration?
Sporah: Yes, she is one of my inspiration.

SPARKLES: For a young woman you get a lot of attention for being such in a public eye. Is it a benefit or a disadvantage?
Sporah:  It is a benefit, because it gives me a voice.

SPARKLES: What is the most important for you now as a young woman?
Sporah: Education and Working hard towards my career. 

 SPARKLES: What is your preferred type of man?
Sporah: Well the answer to this question can be easy and hard at the same time… as there are some very essential qualities which almost every woman demands in a man.
Because I  believe it’s not easy to find a man with all the packages that i need otherwise....So I’ll give you my top 6 on the list, then the rest I can deal with it.

1. The most important to me is a sense of humour - This is the most common yet most essential demand that I want a man to have. I like to stay around a man who knows how to make me laugh and keep me amused. I believe no female likes very intense or boring males. 

2. Purpose in life - To be honest, I like men who know what they want in life and have a strong path which they are following. We women always look for a man who has a vision and a strong desire to get somewhere in life. 

3. Honesty and decency - I like straight forward Men, I believe women don't like being cheated on or lied to any more... So if you're a chew 'em up and spit 'em out type man, your life will be a string of one-night stands followed by a bitter spinsterhood. So.. Its time for a change same as women lets us be honesty and decency so will have a happy and health relationship. 

4.  Mmh!.. A gentleman of cause!!! I mean this is for all of us.
Let me give a tip to my brothers out there…Women want a man who knows how to treat a lady well. I believe Women would not respect a man unless you know how to respect them. Therefore women prefer men who know how to pull chairs and open doors for them when needed. Yes I like that. 

5.  The next will be…. I like a man who knows how to carry himself well. 

6. Last but very essential is.. Romantic - This is one ingredient all women desperately want in their men… I believe romance is the foundation of any and every relationship therefore women always demand a man who knows the true art of romance.

SPARKLES: Would you put your career on hold for a relationship? (like getting married and building family)
Sporah: In a relationship where you have two people that want to move ahead and get more out of life….this should be very tricky...
I mean.. I would like to spend more time with my family and give my loved ones the best but at the same time, I would like to achieve my crucial career goals…
I think i can’t say much into this…Am just praying to God to have a life in which I could fulfill both my personal life as well professional ambitions with ease.

SPARKLES: What do you love apart from TV and interviewing?
Sporah: I love Acting, Cooking (I Love Food) and Dancing. 

SPARKLES: What is your  message to young girls?
Sporah: Believing in themselves and not allow to be influence

SPARKLES: What is your plan now after your education?
Sporah: Working harder

SPARKLES: Any message for the end?
Sporah: We should always remember that... Prevention is better than cure and too much of anything is harmful...

SPARKLES: Thanks Sporah and see you next time
Sporah: Thanks for having me.. And don’t forget to watch The Sporah Show Every Monday at 9:30pm on SKY 184 (BEN TV) And Fridays 18:pm and Saturday’s 13:pm on STAR TV in Tanzania. More about The Sporah Show Log on to our website or
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    Sporah, hata mimi nilizani umefoji jina la sporah, ila iko siku tulikua na Vida Mahimbo akatuambia kwamba mmesoma nae Kampala na alikua rafiki yako wa karibu sana na walikua wanakutambua kwa jina la Sporah, basi hapo ndio nikaacha ubishi.
    Nakupenda sana Sporah, endelea kuwasha moto dada.

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    Watakua WaNIGERIA hao wanaokuuliza kama SPORAH sio jila lako, kwakua wamekuona uko juu na hujatoka WEST AFRICA. Wenyewe wanadhani mtu yeyote anaefanya vizuri ulaya atakua ni MNIGERIA. Mweee.

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    Sporah hapo kwenye preferred men wako hapo panautata! Hakuna mwanaume wa Bongo anaemfungulia mlango mpenzi wako.

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    Can you really cook Sporah? If so am looking for a good cheaf please.

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    English English English guys, not many of us can understand your language!

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    This is totally awesome.