FELICITY OKOLO - Domestic Violence Eradication Coach & Expert.  She helps women victims and survivors of domestic violence to create and live the life they truly want. As a Women Empowerment Expert, Felicity empowers  them to accomplish projects, achieve their dreams and take charge of their lives

Felicity Okolo like each of us has been on her own journey of discovery, which she shares through her work. She is one of the UK's leading Life Coach & Speaker especially on Women Empowerment.

Her purpose in life is to "Empower and lead people in a dynamic and passionate manner to live to their true potential all happy, healthy, prosperous, expressing love and peace for the highest good of all concerned."

Felicity is a dynamic life coach who will drive you and motivate you and make sure you challenge yourself in achieving your goals. She will help you bring out the great hidden powers in you that you may not be aware of or have not dared to explore. She will empower you to know that you can achieve whatever you want.
Felicity is also a Transformational speaker and author 
of Who Stole My Power? And The Easy Way To Reclaim It! and the author of the forthcoming book It Is My Life And I’m In Charge. 

A message from Felicity
My commitment is to see people grow their potential and massively improve their lives. I believe that when people take personal responsibility for making changes in their lives, everyone benefits.

I am certain that through coaching, with support from contribution in my blogs our newsletter and resources (available to our Products and Free Resource pages) combine to provide the regular cost effective, support, motivation and practical strategies that are essential to making changes in people’s lives.

Happiness is a choice ONLY you can make yourself happy..!  Make your choice today and start enjoying abundant love, peace and happiness. 


  1. Anonymous08:27

    Over two women per week are killed by current or ex-partners, and that one in four women in the UK will experience domestic violence in their lifetime!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous14:43

    Great job sporah

  3. Anonymous14:54

    Its also happening to me my first husband beats me always i divorced him now my second husband is repeating it what can i do?

  4. Anonymous15:13

    I have been married for 2.5 years. My husband smokes weed everyday, he beats me, calls me names and emotionally abuses me. I know he used to sell weed and now he wants to sell it again but i told him no. I feel so stupid for letting myself get into this situation. I need help.

  5. Anonymous16:12

    Nimependa sana maswali yako, pia napenda unavyoenteract na guest wako, well done sporah

  6. Anonymous00:16

    Sporah, are you in a relationship?

  7. Anonymous05:56

    Pendeza sana mamii.

  8. Anonymous06:08

    Hey Sporah show's fans
    Anyone*,male or female,gay or straight,that puts their hands on their mate,or their children, in an abusive manner is subhuman. Love doesn't hurt! I'm a lesbian that's a survivor of child molestation.My life partner has never,ever touched me without my permission,or raised her hands to me in anger,and I know she never would.Nor would I to her.Love is about mutual trust and respect,and if you don't have those,you're not in a relationship,you're chattel.I am proud to say I'm loved,an equal.

  9. Anonymous06:34

    Brilliant, am glad :) keep up the good work spreading the word and giving people the skills to recognise an abusive relationship...i think it is marvellous what you are doing :) because, if a person stays too long in an abusive relationship, the affects can last decades longer than the abuse. they may eventually leave the abuser, but the scars in the head, stay for years, and it is a hurdle in itself, getting over the damage. :)

  10. Anonymous07:07

    women who get hit by men deserved.They think bad guys are funny well ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.joke on you..nice guys are the best

  11. Anonymous07:21

    This was very educational and very true!

  12. Anonymous12:56

    Keep up the good work sporah

  13. Anonymous13:56

    Kwanza dada sporah nakupa big up sana kwa kazi unayo fanya. Sasa, hope itakua sawa kwako ila ningeomba kwenye lugha utusaidie kuchanganya kiswahili kidogo kwenye video zako.

  14. Anonymous18:20

    Kazi nzuri dada sporah naona unaimprove kila siku, hongera sana.

  15. Anonymous04:28

    Stupid stupid husband

  16. Anonymous06:39

    Show nzuri sana dada, Hongera

  17. Anonymous16:59

    Ivi jamani inakuaje eti mwanaume anakupiga?????!!!!!!!!!
    Mi nashindwa kuwaelewa wanawake wenzangu, kwanini mnasubiri mpaka mwanaume akupige mangumi!!!!!
    Kha, embu amkeni jamani acheni ujinga.
    Show nzuri sporah.