THEY CALL HIM MC MOSEH.! Live On The Sporah Show

Sajjabi Musa Lule  was born  in Uganda (April 10, 1983), MC Moseh was already nicknamed Voice Change by his 10th birthday because of his excellence in the school choir at Rubaga Boys Primary School. Now based in UK, MC Moseh has become a household name in the African community in UK, USA and Sweden and is only too happy to blow his own trumpet about it. The soft-voiced, charismatic singer successfully shed off his ‘karaoke singer’ characteristic to become one of the most successful UK-based Ugandan recording artists yet and a regular entertainer at various Ugandan events and African nightspots in London, commanding an enviable female fanbase. 

My Music addresses daily life experiences like long-distance relationships, life in the Diaspora and the plight of motherland Africa. His dream, he says, is to inspire people who listen to his music so that they can take his massage back to their families and friends with a hope that it will give birth to a whole new movement in uniting the Ugandan communities in Diaspora and those back home to fight against HIV and poverty in his country. MC Moseh was the very first winner of Eco Media News Awards with his R'n'B most successful single yet, Nalulungi has been a major download success with proceeds going to SCHICKSAL; a charity he started with old friends that counsels and supports programmes for children born with HIV. More incredible releases have followed before and after that, including Mwami Wange, that comes with a mellow groove with simple but emotive guitar riffs, Sofia, Obwomu, Kasisili, I Miss You, Ndaba Kuki and many more with others yet to come.


  1. Anonymous16:44

    I love MC Moseh

  2. Anonymous16:47

    I am proud to listen to your music Mc Moseh, you are a true inspiration to our country Uganda.

  3. Anonymous17:09

    Seriously need some 1 like u for some vocals LOL