Ray Jorden 
My journey off within the paranormal at the age of 5, which led me on a very personal journey to find out more about life after death, reading books when I could but trying not to let people find out in case they though my like for that subject was a little weird. Then in 1999 my two best friends passed away three months of each other (they were a lesbian couple) and that further sent me on a journey to want to find out more, once were dead are we dead, as I just do not believe we cease to exist but go on someone where else of which I have my own theory.
As well as this, I have also front a TV series called ITV's The Paranormal 5, Vision Paranormal for Vision News (short lived series) Radio shows guest as well as hosting my own for the past two years called Haunted 911 Radio Show (which ended a month ago) and I have recently appeared on the Sky TV show called The Kevin Moore Show 2012.
In the works at the moment I am looking to progress within my TV Presenting journey, I have a love for foods and I am planning to write three cook books (maybe more) with more live presenting on stage and TV work in 2012, I believe 2012 will be my year to crack the success.  More About Ray: Click Here


  1. Anonymous02:35

    Mh, huyu mtu ubwabwa nini dada spora?

  2. Anonymous15:12

    There's NO life after death

  3. Anonymous15:38

    i love you sporah

  4. Anonymous18:52