He's Touch Just Made My Skin Heat Up And I Couldn't Control Myself.

When I first met Mike, I thought my older sister, Angela, was so lucky to be with a guy like him; he was handsome, kind and so sweet to her.
Being the baby sister, I was only 18 when I first met him and he was 31 and my sister was 29. I idolised him but I never felt anything else for him except for admiration and when he married my sister I welcomed him into the family just as much as everyone else did. 

1 Year into their marriage, my sister got pregnant and they had a baby girl named Naomi and they couldn't have been more overjoyed but that's when things began to go sour.

Angela developed post-natal depression and became increasingly difficult to be around. 
I was over at their house all the time, I loved my sister but I could see the strain it was putting on their relationship. I was a shy, introverted girl and had never had a boyfriend. Maybe the odd kiss but I was a little awkward, I never had the confidence Clare had.

One night, I was trying to calm Angela down from one of her terrible tirades when she screamed at me, 'Shut up Monica! I don't care what you think! You know, you should spend some time taking care of yourself rather than hanging around here. How are you ever going to get a boyfriend looking like that? You're just ugly!'
I couldn't take any more of her abuse and ran outside, Mike chased me as he saw that she had struck a chord with me, I couldn't help it as tears rolled down my face. I didn't know what was wrong with me! It was true, maybe I was ugly, and maybe I will never meet a guy who would want me.
I raced into my car but Mike was right behind me. He got into the passenger seat as I slammed the door. He tried to comfort me and tell me she didn't meant what she said.
I don't know how it happened but he put his arm over me, trying to comfort me and I looked at him and that was it. I felt something and I knew he did too. He's touch just made my skin heat up and I couldn't control myself. He lent down and kissed me and I kissed him back.
He had been needing affection and he wasn't getting it from Angela and I knew he always had a soft spot for me but I never knew in this way. But it was so intense, my desire for him was so wrong but so uncontrollable.
He told me that I was a beautiful and sweet girl and that any man would be lucky to have me. He just made me feel so good about myself. I couldn't help it.

We started an affair and eventually we fell in love. Angela started getting worse and Mike lost it when Angela dropped boiling water onto Naomi when she was One year old.
Mike decided to leave her then and fought for sole custody of Naomi. He wanted me to leave with him but how could I do this? She is/was my sister. Three weeks later I found out I was pregnant.
When I told Mike, he was overjoyed but also worried about the effect it would have on Angela. My family would never believe I would have had a one night stand and after much consideration. Now am 9month pregnant, I told my parents the truth. They went ballistic. They couldn't believe what I had done, especially to their favourite daughter. I was always second best, no one's favourite.
They refused to talk to me and barred me from their house. I know what I had done is so wrong but I couldn't help who I fell in love with.
I am so sorry for my sister but I have a baby to think about now.

I love Mike and would care for him as if he was my own. 
I know will always live with the guilt, Please help me about my true confession...! 

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  1. Anonymous04:54

    I'm surprised that a cheap girl like you don't get HIV.

    1. Anonymous13:16

      You did the natural thing. Don't be upset. Take care of yourself and your child. Have your confidence.

  2. Anonymous05:07

    Mbona haya mambo yakawaida sana siku izi, mi najua watu kibao wanalala na mashemeji zao, plus Mama zao, yaani mbona hii hata sio BREAKING NEWS to me.
    Pole dada kwani hukujua kwamba raha ya mapenzi ni ...............

  3. Anonymous05:09

    Well, I think you should open up to your sister about it before it becomes too late and then she hates you for life. In the first place you are a woman of intergrity and you shouldn't have slept with your sisters boyfriend/husband that was very cheap. However the matter at hand is how to go about the unborn baby in you. I think that you should get some sort of contract that would enable you leave the country for a long period of time. This might be able to enable you make up your mind about how you want to go about the case as regards to your sister and your mother. I personally think you should take this to prayer and wait for God to speak to you in you are a christian or muslim.
    All the best

  4. Jane06:06

    i love your pictures sporah

  5. Anonymous06:10

    kweli wabongo mmedata, yani wewe unaona kulala na shemeji yako ni kitu cha kawaida.! KWELI??
    Nimekuvulia kofia dada/kaka

  6. Anonymous06:46


  7. Anonymous06:58

    Girl you got it all. THANKS for inspiring us, to be better and to BELIEVE in our self . I love you love you Sporah

  8. Anonymous08:14

    Stupid girllllllll

  9. Anonymous08:15

    Congratulations, you're a whore. Next!

  10. Anonymous08:23

    You can't choose who you fall in love with, NEVER
    It feels really bad when you fall in love with someone you can't have and It feels even worse when you are sure that this relationship can never work out. .... you choose to hang in there.
    You must not scare him away with your feelings right now, irs not your fault, you cant choose who you fall in love with?
    Love you have to be able to forgive yourself, whether it was your fault or not.

  11. Anonymous16:58

    I totally undersatand you, please tell your sister and move on with your life.

  12. Anonymous17:36


  13. Anonymous03:05


  14. Anonymous14:09

    I totally understand where ur comming from...im going through the same thing except im not pregnant and I always looked down on people who slept with their family members spouse..but until ur ever. Put in the situation stop with the name calling..my story is my sister and her husband only married because they found out she was pregnant ..me and my sister always been close but she as well has a very bad attitude with. Everybody including her husband.and she thinks shes better then everybody eles..well a few years
    back we all got together for new years well she passed out and my boyfriend passed out he pushed me up against the wall and asked me if I would ever hook up with him I laughed it off and said of course not ur married to my sister..then he got scared and said now ur gunna tell ur sister I asured him his secret was safe with me ..we were drunk u know so then he grabbed my hand and hes like kiss me then so I gave him a peck on,the cheek next thing I know his tongue was down my throat and we ended uphookin up..well this is been goin on for 2.5 years now and my sister just found out theres another girlvin his life

    1. Anonymous23:37

      I am 5 weeks pregnant with my on n off boyfriend of almost 4 years brother in law. Yes his sisters husband . They have a son together and have been married for about 6 years. I don't want to get in to the stupid mistakes on how this affaire started but it's been going on for almost a year now and now that I am pregnant he's despretly begging for me to take the abortion pill . I keep refusing but then he gets in my head and makes me 2nd guess. He says I will ruin his and my life but I don't care at this point what anyone thinks of me . I want the baby and I gave him the option of never telling anyone and I would raise the child on my own but he insists on the pill . I cannot and will not take that pill . No one will understand why I fell in love with this jerk and I know I will be judge so harshly on my stupid mistake but like you said know one can judge until they are in the same position. .. I know what I did was very very wrong and I would take it all back if I could but now I have a baby to worry about and I feel so terrible that he is such discust that I want to keep it but I gave him the option of silence.

  15. Anonymous14:18

    I dont know wut happen had to post and finish my story..well anyways she found out he had another female in his live...she just dont know who she is..we (him and I ) have decided to we are done with each other and wee need to work on our other relationships..now that we r finished I feel so alone I miss him very much and its gross I know but I love him....and I know he feels tthe same..but we r thinking about the kids now..yes I feel horrible for wut I have done and. If my parents found out they would disown me ...but its to late now whats done is done ...

  16. Anonymous14:09

    You and him are goin to hell. He committed adultery and you helped him! Think about his daughter. She's gonna have a cousin who's her half brother or sister? And what happens when his daughter finds out what you did to her mother when she grows up? I sure would be pissed. And what about your sister? I would hate you for life! You have not only ruined her and probably her daughters life but sentenced you and him to hell.

  17. Anonymous01:52

    This is okay in african society,our grand parents maried sisters,these jelous pigs backlashing at the lady should go to hell..

  18. Anonymous03:11

    First, I really appreciate because you're so brave to tell this kind of story.
    But I believe that you also know that this isn't the right thing for you to do it..
    You hurt your own sister, although she's cruel to you..she's still your family
    Maybe we can't choose who we will love in the future
    But, this is our life..you makes everything like nonsense that's why you can't see anything and don't try to fight for ur own life..
    But I think both of you is mature enough to decide what the best for your future life
    Go on with your life because you're soon to be mom
    Be strong enough for your child. I believe you will find ur own happiness

  19. Anonymous05:15

    my aunt got two children with her sisters husband and treated her always very bad my mother never told me what happened I knew from people but understood the whole family suffered no my mother is telling me I should never have confronted my aunt that's its normal and I am no better and my mother told me she hates me I have go to hell I told her I hate her too

  20. Anonymous03:53

    At the end of the day it's pure selfishness and lack of self esteem I'm sorry but I don't respect people who cannot control themselves. If it was a case with teens OK they may not know any better but an adult you know the difference between right and wrong. Sleeping with your sisters Husband is definitely wrong but to continue with an affair is disgusting. It shows you have no self respect and since you don't love yourself you bring down your sister too. A real woman let's the truth known . You try to make yourself feel better with your decision by pointing out her flaws, but you need to take a look in the mirror and own up to what you have done. That is your sister why play into something that's going to cause her pain. where's the love?? A man can never be worth all this insanity. Be honest so everyone can start the healing process, try to move on and find someone who truly loves you.. Cause he doesn't and I wouldn't be surprised if their are more women involved because if he's capable of that he's capable of much more. FAMILY FIRST!

  21. Anonymous14:04

    It's a shame cause his the one whose played you both. He has fucked and has had babies with sisters. I'm sure now your family hates you and is ashamed of you. And soon yule mwanaume hatakutaka tena and i wonder where you will go. Your family first, not dick honey. Dick wont feed you and be there for you.. at least not forever.

  22. Anonymous03:43

    Your all fucking idiots she did nothing wrong when a woman acts like a bitch she don't deserve a man granted they should have waited till he left her sister to start a relationship but I feel no remorse for a bitch she devil that hurts her kids boiling water on your kid she needs to go to jail and get shanked YOU DONT HURT KIDS AND GET TO KEEP YOUR HUSBAND