Why Do My Parents Not Want Me To Smoke Weed?
I'm 16 and a junior in high school and it's crazy.
I am original from Tanzanian living in USA, where it is very lenient thing to do. The laws are loose, and people usually turn a blind eye to it. I'm a smart kid (16), who has a head on his shoulders. I don't do much in sports, but I enjoy a good book. My parents thing that marijuana will make me dumb, and they bring up the fact that it is illegal- WHICH I KNOW. I don't under stand how they can tell me it is illegal when they themselves smoke with friends (MY DAD PLAYS POKER AND MY MOM CLUB A LOT AND THEY BOTH SPEEDS ON THE HIGHWAY). I don't understand if my homework is done why can't I have a bowl or two to relax from a hard day? It is no different then alcohol- only safer.

So anyways, I have okay grades (I'm sober), when I wasn't sober, I had better grades. I was smoking almost daily. I had A's, and B's. I haven't smoked for about a month, and I have C's, and D's. YES I DID.

Anyways, why do my parents hate the fact that I take a little marijuana to keep me happy?

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  1. Anonymous04:44

    Aisee watanzania rudini tu sasa nyumbani, inaonekana maisha yamewashinda.

  2. Anonymous05:26

    Honestly, I'm not judging you, but you need to get you're ACT together before it is to late. It starts with weed, than you more on to crack and heroine and before you know it, you're a junkie on the street at 20 and dead by 25. You don't want that, YOUR STILL YOUNG, you have so much potential, THE CHOICES ARE IN YOUR HAND.

  3. Anonymous05:42

    Tell your parents that GANJA does nothing and it is harmless, tell them you get chronic headaches and cant help it.
    they will have to give in.

  4. Anonymous09:25

    Sounds extremely dangerous to me! I smoked marijuana for a period of about 8 years and the damage it did to my mental wellbeing was horrendous. I gradually became detached from society and, later, from friends and family.

    I had no social life, barely left my home and reversed my sleep pattern so that I slept all day and stayed up all night. I totally isolated myself from every part of normal life and believe marijuana to be the direct cause of this.

  5. Anonymous09:32

    Marijuana does not damage

  6. Anonymous18:52

    we mtoto umekosa adabu kweli kweli, eti unasema nini?????????????
    Pumbavu nenda shule kasome, huna hata haya. MCHWIIIIIIII.!