SPORAH'S 1ST INTERVIEW IN 2013 WITH WOMEN CONFIDENTIALS MAGAZINE ..! For the first time, Sporah speaks completely frankly about how she made it in entertainment industry!

WC Interview With The Beautiful And Talented Sporah’ TV Presenter / TV Producer’ The Queen Of Sporah Talk Show

Please can you tell our readers a little about yourself.
Oh, it’s quite difficult to talk about myself, but in a nutshell I would say apart from being a TV presenter, I’m a God fearing person, simple easygoing with warm personality that shines through wherever I am.
Sporah is a African TV Presenter and a TV Producer, who moved to the UK in 2003 where she continued her education at Newham College studying Business Studying, I finished with Distinction in Accounts and Finance, then I joined London Metropolitan University studying which I finished with 2nd Class degree in International Business Management, While I was in university I also focused on my career as a TV Presenter.
You are a talented /popular  talk show host, tell us how you started, our readers will love to know a little about how your passion for entertainment began.
The idea came after watching different TV talk shows and realised how powerful TV is, and how it can influence people’s life. So my motive was to change people’s life especially the young generation. So I thought yeah… something is missing in my community and somebody has to do it. So I came with an idea of a Talk Show. Thank God we are pioneers of African Talk Show in Europe.
The Sporah Show started in July 2007 with the aim of informing, educating and entertaining, and has been operating since July 2007 in the UK and Europe. We branched out into East Africa in 2010.
The entertainment industry is a very difficult one to get recognized let alone making it big, as you have achieved, can you please tell our readers how you made it.
Talent, knowledge and skill are all main requirements for a career like mine. Talent alone is not enough, but must be paired with continual practice, gaining new knowledge, and studying.
No TV host is made worse by learning more, So, I never stop learning, because in a lifetime, there is still more to master and learn.
I take my criticism seriously and well, especially from viewers and fans.
Beware of the naysayers. People who say things like, “Oh you have to know people to get anywhere” or “Yeah, the TV industry is hard to get into” are the people who won’t ever make it. Don’t be one of those people.
I promise you, if you work hard and dedicate yourself, you will get somewhere. Hard work beats talent every time. It’s what the TV industry look for. You would be surprised at how much it takes to produce just one show.
I must mention also, that I have a wonderful team working behind the scenes, they make it all possible.
As a black women in the entertainment industry please can you tell our readers  how difficult or how easy it is for a black women in Europe to stand firm in a man’s world.
Just being a woman in an industry dominated by men is a challenge. When it comes to being an African woman is more challenging. However you’ve got to keep pushing towards your goal.
I’ve had to learn to be ruthless or a “diva” because that is what it takes sometimes for people to take you serious.
You always look elegant and sophisticated, tell us how you are able to keep this look at all time, our readers are also interested in knowing how you have kept your skin flawless.
Oh thank you, basically it’s about being content and happy inside. I eat well and drink a lot of water. Once you’ve got that inner happiness, it shows on your skin and body. The clothes simply compliment feeling of happiness. So the advice is be happy in your body, do not take in anything harmful like drugs and alcohol.
Special Thanks To WC for this wonderful opportunity!


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    my role model sporah, i love you sis

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    Napenda ulivyojibu maswali Sporah, am inspired.

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    Inafurahisha san akuona mbongo mwenzangu anafanya mambo makubwa ughaibuni.

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    You inspire me to do better sporah

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    Your sooo luck i hope you know that.

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    nakupenda sana dada

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