Irene Sporah Njau a.k.a. (Sporah) continues to make a wave in the entertainment industry, a TV presenter/producer. Thehardworking lady who believes so much in education has now become one of the most influential women in the United Kingdom.Here are excerpts of our interview from the lady on a mission.
Question: I know about “Sporah TV Show,” and it’s very informative, educative and entertaining but can you tell us aboutyourself please?
Sporah is a God-fearing and loves being in the kitchen first hahaha!I keep pretty much to myself; I love watching movies, cooking and doing my housework; I am a clean freak! Even though I havepeople working for me, I still love to do my work sometimes. I love sleeping; I don’t joke with my sleep.I love high heels. I don’t wear what is in vogue or what everybody is wearing, I just wear what suits me, and I’m lucky to have aphysique that encourages everything I wear.
Question: How would friends and family describe you?
Good listener, I always have good advice, usually quite mellow, a bit on the verbal side when displeased, reliable, trustworthy, notafraid to tell it how it is to a friend or foe, and best of all funny, pretty, a little loud, creative/artistic, talented and God’s fearing
Question: What’s your best quality?
Hmm, I think I would have to say I’m caring, helpful, and I like to help others. My best quality is that I listen to everyone and what they say even if I don’t agree with what they say, that’s how I make all of myfriends. I listen and try to understand what they have to say and make that a part of myself! Great question by the way.
Question: The Sporah Show has been an inspiration to a lot of people; can you tell us how the dream was birthed?
The idea came after watching different TV talk shows and realized how powerful TV is, and how it can influence people’s life, somy motive was to change people’s life, especially the young generation. So I came with an Idea of a Talk Show. Thank God we arepioneers of African Talk Show in Europe.Now it’s a pleasure when some young people tell me they are inspired by my work. When my colleagues applaud me, it’s fulfilling,and I’m grateful that I can make an impact.

Question: what challenges did you encounter?
There are so many challenges than you can mention ranging from starting a Talk show; itself is a challenge because it’s somethinglike giving birth to a premature baby, because it needs your attention more than 24/7. Sometimes you wish the day never endedbecause there is a lot to be done every single day. And by running two talk show’s in two different counties, it’s very interesting, andI’m looking forward to taking on more challenges by going into mainstream TV Channels and other African countries, but TRUSTme it’s a nightmare for those individuals involved to put up all different pieces together to come up with a full show, you can imaginewhat one goes through.More to that, if you look at the technology today it’s a challenge as our adoring fans have to be updated hourly.

There are a lot of difficulties running a TV show, especially in western countries where everything has to be paid for, In addition tousing professionals as a requirement in this industry and all have to be paid hourly.
Question: what are the challenges you’ve encountered in the trade and how do you overcome it?
Challenges! The list of problems in business can seem endless, so I try to understand my target market and be competitive, and my secret is toprioritize and deal with these challenges as they come along.
Question: When was your best moment as a presenter?
My best moment as a presenter is when I meet someone/my fan and tell me that The Sporah Show has changed their lives. Priceless.
Question: Are you married? And if not, how would you want your dream man to be?

I am not married yet; My dream man is a guy, who has life goals and a career, Someone who can love me unconditionally, spoilsme hehehe!
Yes, I like a man who is independent, intelligent, confident, faithful, charming, romantic, funny and kind of adventurous, withoutforgetting God fearing!
Question: Who’s your fantasy interviewee?
I have to say Nelson Mandela.
Question: You look so elegant and spotless, what’s the secret?
Mh! 1st of all, I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding unnecessary stress; It is far better to take things as they come alongwith patience and equanimity.

Looking elegant!I believe there are two stages of becoming elegant, 
starting first from the workings of inner elegance, because true elegance startsfrom within.2nd is If you are looking for quick tips on to achieve an elegant look (outer elegance)On a serious note, I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Water helps to clean our skin and keep a nicecomplexion. I love water.
Question: If a man walk up to you on the street, and ask for your number, what will be your initial reaction?
Yes, why? Because I would respect his confidence, a number doesn’t mean you’re saying yes to anything other than being open tobecoming friends first ha ha ha! I am Joking.

I have office business cards, so I always give them out to people who ask for my number, when it comes to my personal number!No, never. I need little time to understand him…phone number is too personal to give anyone, especially a stranger.
Question: the most embarrassing moment as a broadcaster?
When you’re on stage, and you forget your guest’ name!
Question: What advice would you give to any upcoming presenter who wants to be as successful as you?
You can do whatever you put your mind into.
Question: Do you have any role model?

Yes, I do, my parents for sure. 
My mother showed me never to lose hope, even when you’re in a very bad situation.So I wrote STAY STRONG on my writing desk and whenever I feel bad, I just touch it and feel awesome.She made sure I demanded respect for myself and to never let anyone push me around or disrespect me. She was always there tosupport us in good times and bad. She was the soft shoulder anyone around her could cry on any time I needed.My dad teaches me many things, and I am inspired by some of the things he does.
Question: If you could change one aspect of your appearance, what would it be?
I don’t think I would want to change anything; I really like myself the way I am.I think once you start to follow media and all celebrity lifestyles then you start wanting to change this and that. The reason peoplecare about what other people think of them is because you put a value to their judgments/comments for your identity. Maybe notfully, but to a good degree. It is just a thought.
Question: Who was/is the most difficult interviewee you’ve had on your show?
He is a singer and songwriter from Tanzania called TID, OMG! Great experience.
Question: Can you tell us the last words you hold on to like a quote you will always want to remember?
Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up


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