Merry Christmass from us.

What an amazing Christmas Launch with the girls today!

So today we talked about the Royal Family, What a show we had today! Did you catch Esther Tunii shade today? Or was she just being honest? 
She thinks that perhaps Meghan Markle might a more sophisticated gold digger. What do you guys? 
Tune in next week to hear her speak the truth, spill the tea and laugh out loud (as usual)

So Elaka thinks that Prince Harry chose Meghan Markle right off of the TV screen to become his wife to be. Do you think this might be an ongoing trend within the world of celebrities?They see who they want, and simply get their people to ensure it happens?
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Tune in every week for more hard hitting topics, laughter, and interviews.

From the incredibly chatty Ethel to laugh-out-loud Esther. You can't miss this! NEXT week 2pm on SKY 175. We'll be discussing everything from Love and money to celebs and all the untouchable (and a little naughty) subjects.

What a beautiful day.

Sporah is like hey, why are you ladies so cute....?

Ms Sporah Njau: Thank you SO much to all our lovely viewers for watching #TheSporahShow today!  And to those who took the time to call us during the show, THANK YOU. ‪ 

Please, send us your topic suggestions, and make sure to call us and give us your questions and feedback.

Together we're strong
 We'll be back in January with new topics, tea spilling a whole load of laughs 😉
See you then!

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