Say hello to my ladies in red - my new co hosts of The Sporah Show, Esther & Ethel. Starting from NEXT week Tuesday you'll see these two beautiful ladies hosting alongside me on The Sporah Show, adding some spice to our Gossip segment! And trust me these two looove to gossip and spill the teaπŸ˜‚. From the incredibly chatty Ethel to laugh-out-loud Esther. You can't miss this! My girls will be representing Southern Africa and Western Africa - We'll be discussing everything from Love and money to celebs and all the untouchable (and a little naughty) subjects.
So send us your topics, guys and we'll cover it TUESDAY on the one and only Sporah Show! Remember you can watch us LIVE and call in from wherever you are to be part of the show. Watch this space! πŸ˜‰ #TheSporahShow Esther Tunii on the write. Sugar, spice and SOMETIMES nice - these are the things that conjure up yours truly. Me, Esther Tunii. Your girl is here to tell it like it is and amplify the truth. I'm unapologetic and ready to spill the tea especially when it's piping hot.What do you get when you bring a chatter box, and someone that laughs endlessly together you get my new co-hosts for the Sporah Show's gossip segment. 
Yes you read it right, starting from NEXT week Tuesday, you will see these two beautiful ladies with me as we share the latest gossip, and delve into everything pop culture, real life, politics and so much more. We will be discussing all the taboo topics, and you have an opportunity to join in as we will be broadcasting LIVE right to your TV screen and devices on SKY TV 175 and 
One will ne representing Southern Africa, and the other will be representing Western Africa.
So send us your topic suggestions, and make sure to call us and give us your questions and feedback. Ethel Gondwe in the middle also known as ELAKA: Is a savvy serial entrepreneur with a passion for the creative arts. She has a quirky personality and enjoys a good laugh, which can sometimes contain a hint of shade. 
Her obsession with the colour blue led her to doning blue tresses for almost two decades now, long before having blue hair became a trend; and it has since been her signature look. ELAKA considers herself an introvert, extrovert as she enjoys being in social environments, and at the same time treasures her alone time.
She holds several awards and nominations, due to the many hats she wears as an entrepreneur, including Best Event Promoter, Promoter of the year, Africa4U Outstanding Achievemt Award, Best Female Artist, and Best Online Magazine, just to name a few. As quirky as she is, with a love for sci-fi, Marvel (MCU), DC and The Sims games; Elaka leans on her faith for guidance, and it is that which she uses to try and see the best in people and situations. "I do not believe in giving up on self, and others. 
Life is not about just going from A to Z The End! It is a lot more than that, God has given each of us such amazing and unique qualities and gifts, and it is up to us to tap into them, make the most of them, and share them with the world. 
I beleive the possibilities really are endless. Sometimes being successful is not just about having a huge net worth, you need to stop and ask what your heart worth is; what does your heart feel towards others? Is it hate, envy, jealousy, love compassion, a mixture of all those and more? How you feel towards others will normally show in your actions towards them, and if at all majority of your feelings are amongst the likes of compassion and love, then that is a success in itself. 
As human beings we do have an inherent ability to feel insecure about the smallest things, and it is these feelings that fuel a lot of the carnage we see in today's world. So it is our responsibility to inspire, and speak positivity into people's lives, and help educate them into bettering themselves from the inside and out, and the buck stops with us who are in a position to do just that. 
So I say... Live Learn Love Life and let God lead." 
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...............STAY TUNED............

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