The Sporah Show is a TV talk show hosted by Sporah and produced by Laspo Media Production. The Show premiered in August 2007 at BEN Television in United Kingdom.

The Sporah Show' Studios.
The show is highly influential, and many of its topics penetrated into social issues, current issues facing women, cultural consciousness, Fashion and Beauty, and Provides Positive Gateway To Develop and Promote The Young Generation.

We are now headed in a new direction commencing in the 2012 autumn season. In addition to hosting celebrities and other inspiring individuals, The Sporah Show introduces THE SPORAH HOT CORNER.
This is an "anything goes" section filled with gossip, furious debate, glamour, and unwavering opinions on issues from all over the world.

The Sporah Hot Corner panel is composed of individuals from various walks of life, and already has fans excited.
Currently, the show is shown in Europe SKY 218: In 2009 Sporah announced the show to be aired in Africa Channels, Currently, The Show is Shown in Europe  and Africa.
In Europe on Vox Africa TV, SKY 218:
Tuesday 8:00pm,
Thursday 11:00pm
Sunday 6:00pm  

In Africa on Clouds TV
Thursdays 9:00pm
Sundays 12:30pm

The Sporah Show inspires those who are ready to Wake Up, get up, Stand Up, Speak Up, Think Up, Show Up and hook up with other like minded men and women on the    growth. 

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